Home in the Hills , Resort & Restaurant

Home in the Hills is not a hotel. It is a place for you to relax, unwind, and take a break from the stress of every day life – ideal for nature lovers and honeymooners.


Spanning over two acres, the entire area is full of greenery and free of all pollution.

Why Dehradun?

We chose Dehradun because it has brilliant Ecosystem and excellent quality of air. We are putting our efforts for years to give it an ideal design in landscaping. It is comprehensive in nature. It’s aesthetic value is our main motive. The concept behind ‘Home in the Hills’ is to provide a healthy resort attached to nature. The site is surrounded by forest, close to Malsi deer forest. It is filled with water bodies and fountains.

What Our Guests Say …


Our resort is equipped with all basic amenities, in addition to a basketball hoop, badminton and volleyball courts.

Spacious bedrooms have elegant decor.

Elevated Coffee Shop with a view to the beautiful forest. Sip your cup of coffee enjoying the nature and the greenery all around.

Ample seating area with panoramic view looking all over the forest.

Lush green lawns with fruit trees and chirping birds.

Spacious grassy living area.